An Online Dating Guide For Men: The Right Questions To Ask

Now that you have joined an online dating website, what is the next thing that you should do? Write an amazing profile, of course! After that, what is the next step to take? You upload a great picture of yourself and of course, it is time to chat with a probable target! Here is where the problem starts.

How can you be able to weed out the ones with potential and the ones without? It is a must that you find out what the personality of this stranger in order to determine which one would be perfect for you. Things would have been a lot easier if women are wearing clothes labeled with their personalities but this is not the case. With that in mind, what is the best step that you should take? Asking direct questions is not a good idea. So, what should you with this? Ask the important yet subtle questions. Here are some:

  • What are the mistakes that guys do when dating online?

With this question, you will get to know her bad experiences with other men in the dating arena. With the help of this information, you can be able to determine what are the things that you should avoid committing the same mistakes.

  • What happened to your past relationship?

This is a risky but very important question to ask. Risky because it might bring up unwanted emotions but this is important since you will be able to know if she still has some buried feelings for her ex. In the event that she puts all the blame on the guy, then you should look for another prospect. That is one sign of immaturity an you do not need the extra baggage.

Knowing what are the right questions to ask will help you gain an insight whether the lady is perfect for you or not.

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