Honesty: The Secret To Online Dating Success

People sign up for online dating websites for one reason– to find partner who they can love for the rest of their lives. What you are not looking for is a guy or girl who would be perfect in everything– the way he talks, his job, financial status and many more. If you want a lifelong partner, you want someone with imperfections that fit yours. In this regard, it is best that you be honest about who you are when creating your online profile. Honesty should also be fostered during the whole dating period and even after you have already seen each other. Keep in mind that your partner is somewhere out there and the key to finding her is your honesty.

Take a look at your past relationship.

Before you start writing your profile, have a careful evaluation of your past relationships. What went wrong? What was the thing you liked about the last girl? Which characteristics you don’t like? This is very important since this will play a very big role on your future relationships.

Tell the truth.

Well, honesty is all about telling the truth, right? Do not tell women you meet online that you are a six footer even if you are just a mere 5′ 7”. You may say that it is exaggerating the truth, but I assure you it is considered lying. Do not tell you are a businessman when in fact you are a bartender. Do not go on telling women you are just thirty five years old when in fact you are already forty five.

Keep in mind that you are here to find a possible lifetime partner and not just someone who would want to hook up. If that’s the case, then you will only be able to find a girl who would like you for who you are if you will be honest to her about yourself. Once she has saw you personally and realize that you have lied in your profile, then there is now way for you to establish trust.

Once you think you have found the girl of your dreams, then it is time that you cancel your subscription to online dating services. After all, such services are for those people who are still on a lookout for potential mates.

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