Online Dating vs. Blind Dating: Which is Which?

There are many ways on how you can boost your social life and increase your chances of meeting the man of your dreams. Today, the two most popular ways that this can be done are blind dating and online dating. Which should you choose between the two?

Blind Dating

So, you have finally said yes to the blind date set up that your friend has been nagging you about for months already…a friend of her boyfriend’s cousin. The day comes and you are doubting if you have made the right choice. Now, you are sitting in a table across a man you barely knew. He keeps on talking about sports but you are more into current affairs and the stock market. He is a slave of the social media and television shows while you are an avid fan of books and magazines. You are bored out of your wits and the time seems to have stopped. Is this some sort of torture for saying yes to an obviously bad idea?

Online Dating

You now have decided that it is about time that you breathe life into your dying social life. It is about time that you sign up for online dating services. You finally met a guy and you have been exchanging emails and chatting for a while now. You have then decided to finally meet him face to face. First of all, there is no need for introductions since you already know the man. He decided to bring you to an Italian restaurant because he knows how you love their dishes. It is now very easy for you to talk to one another because you have similar interests. You are so focused on your conversation that you did not notice that it is way past your bedtime. Is this some reward for finally agreeing to meet up?

With these two scenarios, which one would you wish to experience?

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