A Woman’s Guide To Online Dating: How To Write A Killer Profile

You have decided to sign up in various online dating services. Now, the time you are dreading has come– you now have to write your profile. This is your key to finding and being noticeable to the man of your dreams. The question is, how do you write a killer profile? Where will you start? This is nerve wracking especially if you do not think that you can write well. Don’t worry, you can certainly do it.

  • Be Honest.

What you are looking for is a man that would like you– love you, even. This is why you must always be honest about what you like or dislike. If you love cats or animals, then do not be afraid to say that in your profile. Also, think about your past relationships and what you disliked about them.

  • Highlight your uniqueness.

We are all unique and it is through that uniqueness that we can find someone who would love or adore us. This is why you should say things about your passion, hobbies and skills and your profile. The right man will surely be able attracted to it.

  • Tell about the important things in your life.

If you love helping out people or volunteering, then do not be afraid to say so. If you do, you would surely attract men that have the same values as yours.

  • Invest!

Of course, you need a great profile picture in order to attract men that you like. First impressions last and it is the profile picture that men would first see. Your online profile will only come in second. This is why it is a good idea to hire a great photographer that would take the picture for your profile.

A Woman’s Guide To Online Dating: The Don’ts

If you wish to build a strong online relationship with your partner, there are a lot of things that you should or should not do. Here are some of the things that you should avoid doing if you wish to prevent heart break or any bumps in your relationship.

  • Do not tell it all.

The online dating world is not a place for your biography so do not tell people about your whole life story. This will surely bore him out. One of the best things that you should do is to give simple yet sweet statements and wait for him to ask for more. Afterwards, give him answers to the questions he asks. Once he ask you a question, it is best that you return the favor. Show him you are interested by being interested in what he has to say. Keep in mind that nothing turns a man off than a woman who cannot stop talking about herself.

  • Do not lie.

Keep in mind that the truth will always come out. Since everything is happening online, a lot of people think that they can get away with lying about their age, their current marital status, looks and many more. In the event that you found a man you want to spend your life with, this will become a big issue for the both of you. Just be yourself and the right partner would surely find and like you for who you are.

  • Do not seem too eager.

If you keep on messaging him, texting him or nagging him to meet you personally, you will look desperate. With this, a man will surely be turned off. If they think that you already like them, it just means that you are too easy to get and they will surely lose interest. Always play it cool.

Online Dating Biggest No’s!

When you enter the world of online dating, it can be easy to get things right. The sad part is, it can be quite easy to take wrong steps too. Committing some online dating mistakes can certainly lead to a broken heart. Being aggressive or telling some white lies in the real world may get you a girl. However, this is not the same with the online dating world.

Keep in mind that aggressiveness is far different than confidence. If you will continue to nag her about meeting personally, you will come off as aggressive. Scary even. If you are used to the fast-paced business world, you must be reminded that love is a business deal so rushing her would be your biggest mistake. Be patient and allow the relationship to progress naturally.

Do not be afraid to show your imperfections. All of us has some flaws and that includes you. If you expect to meet a perfect woman, then you will never be satisfied or happy. Being a perfectionist in the business world is expected but expecting perfection from people is never a good idea. It is best that you understand that people have flaws and the bets thing you can do is to find a way to deal with it. Determine which flaws you can be able to live with. In this way, you will know if it is time to give up.

Telling lies is never a good idea. Building the foundation of your relationship based on lies will certainly lead you nowhere. When writing your profile, there is nothing wrong in making it look interesting but do not pretend you are someone you are not. After all, the truth will be revealed eventually.

If you wish to avoid being broken hearted in the online world, expect imperfections and learn to deal with. Also, do not be too aggressive. Last but not the least, always be honest.

Online Dating Activities Singles Can Enjoy!

Today, almost all of our daily activities are done online. The Internet has made the world a better place through the fast connection and easy communication that it offers. One of the most sought after online activities that single people enjoy today is online dating.

Online dates now take place before the actual meeting takes place. Here are some online dating activities that are becoming popular today:

Sharing Pictures

If you wish to document your blooming romance with one another, a cyber-album is what you should create. This album can contain any types of pictures you wish to show your partner. It can be a picture of your favorite pet, photo, destination, activity and many more. To make your relationship a lot more deeper, you can also try sending a picture of you doing silly faces, the corner of your room where your computer is and a whole lot more. By doing so, you will have a lot more things to talk about. If this sounds like a great idea for you, you can search for online albums on various search engines. You can surely find one that you need!

Sending Greeting Cards

This can be done offline too! If you know the address of your partner, you can try mailing them some greeting cards during special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and the likes. If you are worried about your security and privacy, it is a good idea that you rent a P.O box. You can find one that will not cost you much by checking out the Yellow Pages. To make the greetings more personalized, you can even send him some of your handmade cards. You do not have to be too much of an artist. What is important is that the greeting came from your heart.

Online dating has become popular because it is a comfortable way to meet people and get to know them before you actually meet them in person.

Online Dating vs. Blind Dating: Which is Which?

There are many ways on how you can boost your social life and increase your chances of meeting the man of your dreams. Today, the two most popular ways that this can be done are blind dating and online dating. Which should you choose between the two?

Blind Dating

So, you have finally said yes to the blind date set up that your friend has been nagging you about for months already…a friend of her boyfriend’s cousin. The day comes and you are doubting if you have made the right choice. Now, you are sitting in a table across a man you barely knew. He keeps on talking about sports but you are more into current affairs and the stock market. He is a slave of the social media and television shows while you are an avid fan of books and magazines. You are bored out of your wits and the time seems to have stopped. Is this some sort of torture for saying yes to an obviously bad idea?

Online Dating

You now have decided that it is about time that you breathe life into your dying social life. It is about time that you sign up for online dating services. You finally met a guy and you have been exchanging emails and chatting for a while now. You have then decided to finally meet him face to face. First of all, there is no need for introductions since you already know the man. He decided to bring you to an Italian restaurant because he knows how you love their dishes. It is now very easy for you to talk to one another because you have similar interests. You are so focused on your conversation that you did not notice that it is way past your bedtime. Is this some reward for finally agreeing to meet up?

With these two scenarios, which one would you wish to experience?

Online Dating: Even The Nice Guys Do It!

When online dating services are launched, it has been a place for perverts, weirdos, sexual predators and many more. Today, this is no longer the case. The bad reputation of online dating services has been long gone. Almost everyone is trying out online dating services that it has become acceptable, and even a norm for many people. With the help of online dating websites, many people have been provided a way to meet people from all over the world and from different walks of life.

Let us admit the fact that most guys (especially the reliable and responsible ones) are quite busy and they do not have the energy nor the time to go out and look for possible dates. Online dating services has made dating a lot easier for the good guys out there. This is because they can simply save time and money browsing thousands of profiles online.

Given the fact that we employ Internet to save time and money on various processes– such as shopping, job application and many more, why would should we avoid making use of social media to boost our personal and social lives? Imagine what online dating services can do for you– you can find the love of your life or at the very least, create long lasting friendships. All you need is just a computer and of course, a stable internet connection. Also, you may need to look for online dating services who will match your needs. Rest assured, you can find one since there are many types of dating services out there.

After signing up, you will only need to write a good profile, upload a good looking picture of yourself then start communicating or answering contacts. After that, patience is all you need.

Do not wait for Ms or Mr Right to come to you, you can find them in just a click of a button!

There is No Mr. Perfect

Once you have finally grasped this very simple idea, you will get the opportunity to finally find the Mr. Right For You. Prince Charming has gotten lost and married his princess along the way. Now is the perfect time for you to get over it so you can get started on making your own love life. It is a must that you be proactive in looking for the love of your life. If you are losing hope because you cannot find him in the men you are already acquainted with, what is the best thing to do to expand your options? Well, it is time for you to go online dating!

Today, online dating has come a long way. What used to be a haven for sexual predators has become a comfort zone for singles looking for their partners in life. In fact, forty million people all over the world has discovered how useful this tool can be. If you ask your friends if they have used online dating sites and they will answer you honestly, you will know that one or all of them already have memberships in one or two dating sites.

Online dating sites allow you to meet people from all over the world. Regardless of how you look, how much you weigh or how little your salary is, there will surely be someone out there who would like you for who you are. Beauty is subjective and if the men in your circle do not find you attractive, the men in other parts of the world surely will.

Online dating services are tools that are readily available for you. This is why it is best that you find a site that would suit your needs After that, create a killer profile then upload your most decent picture and start contacting people. Your partner is just out there and can be reached with a few clicks!

Online Dating: Even Nice Girls Are Into It!

Let’s be honest– online dating services had once been a haven for sexual predators, weirdos and perverts. This is no longer the case. Online dating has become mainstream due to the fact that it has now become a safe haven for single people who wish to look for their partners in life. Today, people from the different parts of the world is doing it– boys, gays, lesbians and even, nice girls! People have various reasons for using online dating services, However, here are three of the most popular reasons that they have:


Online dating services are time efficient in the sense that you can browse hundreds of profiles and you can see hundreds of pictures with the time you spent on a single date. In addition to that, the screening process has already been completed out for you. Through the profiles, it will be very easy for you to determine what type of relationship a guy is willing to get involved in. With this service, there is no longer for you to force yourself to get ready for hours only to have an encounter with jerks and perverts.


For the amount you spend in a new dress or new make up and a bottle of perfume, you can already enjoy the membership of an online dating service. With this, you can have an opportunity to meet men. The best thing about this? You can do this while you are still in your jammies!

Because It Works!

This type of service works if you know what is the right thing to do. Write a killer profile, upload your best picture and just have fun! Start contacting men you are attractive to and start answering questions from men who are interested in you. Of course, you must also be ready for personal meetings.

Online Dating Basics For Single Men

Regardless of how you look, how old you are or what your job is, you should understand the fact that there are many women out there who is eager to meet someone like you. This is true regardless if you just want a short term company or you are longing for a long term company. If you just got out of a relationship or you are too busy with work that you do not have the time to socialize and find a lady that would keep you company, online dating can open dating doors for you.

For this, all you need is a stable internet connection and of course, a computer. To get started, you must look for an online dating service who you think suits your needs. You will surely be overwhelmed with the many choices that you have. There are large dating sites which offer a wide array of features like video chatting and even matchmaking features. There are also some sites which cater to people with special interests such as homosexuals, religious preferences, fitness enthusiasts and a whole lot more. There are also free sites but I do not recommend them. It is true that paid sites would require you to shell out some money but the pay is minimal and you can have your money back if you are not satisfied with their services. In fact, the money you have to pay for these sites are less than the amount of money you spend for a dinner date.

Once you have found the perfect site for you, it is now time for you to create a great but truthful profile of yourself. After that, find your best picture and upload it. Once you have done that, you are now more than ready to go inside the world of online dating. You can now start communicating with women whose profiles interest you and also, answer any messages that will be sent to you. Keep in mind that you should be patient. Many people join online dating services so you can surely find the one you wish to meet.

Online Dating Safety Warnings For Men

Safety warnings about online dating are usually directed to women. It is very rare that you see safety warnings for men. However, men should think about their safety as well. This is because sex predators and perverts come in both genders. Let us not forget about women who cheat and lie too. This is why men should take some precautions too.

One of the most popular safety tip is never to give out any personal information right away. There are lots of reasons why you should keep this in mind. For one, these information can be used for selfish purposes. Men should be wary in protecting their private information like their real name, address, work address and any contact information. Never ever provide such information not unless you already fully know who you are talking to online.

It is important that men be warned about women who are just after their finances. There are many ways on how some women can subtly ask a man for money. Once you have noticed that they have this bad motive, cut all ties right away. They are not in it for the love, companionship or friendship. All they want is your finances and there is no way that your relationship can go on properly if that is the case.

You can also tell a lot about a woman with the way she communicates with you. If they have given you their contact number but you are not able to communicate with her through that number or it takes a while before she replies or talk with you, then keep your guards up. This may mean that she is not being completely honest with you.

Insecurity and being a nagger are some of the things men should watch out for. If she keeps on insisting that you get married but you do not think that it is not the time for that yet, then it is best that you stop the relationship right away.