The Art of Online Flirting

Dating in personal and online dating have some similarities. For one, both of these types of dating may blossom because of one simple thing– flirting! For your information, flirting is a science which requires the balance between being attractive and being overly aggressive. Being too flirtatious will make you seem like a slut. On the other hand, you will seem wimpy if you fail to do it good enough. So, how will you be able to achieve the balance between these two in the virtual world called online dating? How can you flirt with just a computer and a membership in an online dating website?

  • Keep it light.

Do not get too serious with your conversations. Keep it as funny, light-hearted and light as you possibly can. When you are a fun person to talk to, the lady cannot resist talking to you again. Flirting can be this powerful!

  • Be confident.

Optimistic people are the best flirts there are. This is because the sunny and positive vibe that they radiate can be quite contagious. Talking to a person who thinks good will definitely make you feel good. Women are attracted to a man with sunny disposition.

  • Amp up the compliments.

All women like to be praised and making her feel good about herself will certainly make her drawn to you. However, you should be sincere about it. Also, learn how to accept her compliments. Say than you if she said something nice about you.

  • Listen (or in your case, read).

Be attentive to what she types and do not be afraid to ask questions. Make her feel comfortable so that she can get to open up to you. Making her feel like you are interested with what she has to type works all the time!

  • Avoid being rude.

Flirting is not about giving sexual praises or remarks. Learn to respect her privacy and she would surely appreciate it.

Do not rush things. Flirting is just the first step but when done right, it will certainly open a lot of doors for you.

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